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Transaction & Capitalization Analysis

What is Transaction & Capitalization Analysis? 

Transaction & Capitalization Analysis is the holistic approach to valuing a business to better assist with decisions involved in selling ownership, merging with another entity, maximizing business value, and raising capital.  

What are the advantages of Transaction & Capitalization Analysis?

Transaction & Capitalization Analysis provides its biggest value when business owners make strategic or financial decisions. These decisions may involve acquiring an outside business investment, outright selling a business, merging or acquiring a competitor, determining a successor, or even simply finding ways to improve future cash flows by raising capital. Transaction & Capitalization Analysis assesses the ideas, expectations, risks and rewards that support these big decisions by discovering all potential options for the business and examining the advantages and disadvantages.

Who qualifies & why should you adopt?

Transaction & Capitalization Analysis is applicable to business owners who are making financial and strategic decisions. Often times, incorrect or detrimental financing arrangements are made when businesses try to grow their operation. Further, business owners seeking buy-outs or succession planning often miss out on potential earnings by selling their ownership for a below-market price. 

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