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Wealth Services

Meet Your Financial Goals

When you engage PeachCap as your investment advisor, you get much more than a traditional financial services offering. We’ve cultivated a diverse team of talented professionals to give you greater value, access to unique investment opportunities, and customized investment strategies.

Our offering was designed with the belief that everyone should have access to the same types of investment opportunities and services, regardless of how wealthy they are. From private equity to real estate investing, our team works endlessly to bring you unique opportunities and strategies to help you reach your financial planning goals.

Our Wealth Services

PeachCap Services_Asset Management.png

Asset Management

As we work with you to review your assets, our personalized guidance is based on your overall financial health, appetite for risk, and your current mix of assets.  

PeachCap Services_Retirement

Retirement Planning

Let PeachCap’s team of professionals prepare you for retirement. We survey everything from assets, liabilities, retirement benefits, and cash flows before designing a personalized retirement plan based on your age and financial goals.

PeachCap Services_Risk Management-Insura

Risk Management/Insurance

You need to have safeguards in place should an unplanned incident occur. Our risk management team can help you structure optimal insurance coverage, so you and your family don’t incur financial hardship due to an unforeseen event.

PeachCap Services_Employee Benefits & Co

Employee Benefits & Compensation

Whether you own a business or access benefits as an employee, PeachCap is here to help navigate and structure benefits best suited for your family or business, including insurances, retirement plans, and other employee compensation or incentives.

PeachCap Services_Portfolio Analysis & A

Portfolio Analysis & Allocation Construction

Your portfolio should have unique assets that deliver returns over time. We’ll first analyze your portfolio in individual parts, then as a whole. We want to know how all of your assets work together before implementing optimal and appropriate strategies.

PeachCap Services_Education Planning.png

Education Planning

It’s never too early to start planning for your child’s education costs. Let our team advise you on the most impactful and efficient places to save for their future.

Specialty Wealth Services

PeachCap Services_Estate Planning.png

Estate & Trust Planning

Organize your assets with a comprehensive estate plan. Estate and Trust guidance is designed to direct your assets to desired beneficiaries and minimize taxes, fees, and court costs your beneficiaries might incur.

PeachCap Services_Alternatives & Private

Alternatives & Private Equity

We offer unique investment opportunities not available through other wealth management firms. For example, our direct access to private equity, non-traded real estate offerings, and debt deals position your portfolio for long-term growth.

PeachCap Services_Securities Backed Lend

Securities Backed Lending

Let the PeachCap team continue to manage your existing securities, while providing access to additional capital through Securities Backed Lending. We’ll explain the advantages of securities-backed lending when compared to a traditional loan, in addition to when it might be right for you.

Additional Wealth Services

Service Icons_1035 Exchange.png

1035 Exchange

Service Icons_Donor Advised Funds.png

Donor Advised Funds

Service Icons_Municipal Bonds.png

Municipal Bonds

Service Icons_Reverse Dollar Cost Averag

Reverse Dollar Cost Averaging

Tax Loss Harvesting

Service Icons_Tax Loss Harvesting.png

Looking For A Financial Advisor?

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