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Often times employees have access to benefits beyond their salary. Without proper consideration, these benefits are often under-utilized.

The amount and type of benefits can be overwhelming to dissect. How do you choose what’s best and cost effective? You need the oversight of someone who understands how to navigate the complexities.

We can work to make sure you’re getting the most out of your employee benefits.

We Offer The Following Services To Our Clients:

  • Educating Clients on the Current Benefits Available Through Their Employer

  • Maximizing Defined Benefit & Contribution Plans, Company Stock Grants & Options, Non-Qualified or Highly Compensated Employee Savings Plans

  • Advising on Health, Life, & Disability Coverage

  • Recommending Proper Usage of Dependent Care, Flexible, & Health Savings Accounts

  • Reviewing or Structuring Benefits for Executives & Key Employees

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