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Tax Return Analysis

What is Tax Return Analysis?

Tax Return Analysis is the thorough review of a tax return by a CPA, Enrolled Agent, or other qualified professional. The objective of the analysis is to determine if compliance requirements have been met and if any, tax savings opportunities are possible.  

What are the advantages of a Tax Return Analysis?

A Tax Return Analysis is conducted either during the actual preparation of a tax return or after it has been filed. Since hundreds of thousands of Americans self-prepare their returns without a formal understanding of Tax Law, the frequency of incorrect returns filed annually continues to skyrocket. Additionally, Tax Return Analysis can focus on previously-filed returns and a thorough assessment can determine if amendment opportunities exist, potentially leading to more refunded dollars. 

Who qualifies & why should you adopt?

If you are a business or an individual earning income, you are required by law to file a tax return. For most people, dedicating time to stay abreast of the ever changing tax laws may not always be practical. A Tax Return Analysis provides businesses and individuals with an opportunity to build a relationship with a tax advisor who will give special care and attention to their specific trade and tax situation.  

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