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Securities-Backed Lending

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If you’re seeking a way to get cash to purchase something, renovate a home, acquire real estate, or invest in a business, securities-backed lending might be for you. Security-backed lending uses your own securities as collateral for a loan, without disrupting your investment strategy. This can often provide you cost effective and timely access to capital.

Additionally, securities-backed lending can offer repayment flexibility, lower interest rates, and potential tax benefits.

While Securities-backed lending can satisfy the needs of certain investors, it is not suitable for everyone.  There are also a number of risks, considerations and limitations that should be considered and discussed with your financial advisor.  A market value decline in your securities portfolio could result in a call for partial repayment or additional collateral - or even result in the lender selling some holdings, which can magnify losses and/or create adverse tax consequences.  Additionally, changes in the general interest rate environment will affect the overall cost of borrowing.  

We Offer the Following Services to Our Clients:

  • Examine the Advantages & Disadvantages of Securities-Backed Lending, Given the Client Specific Needs

  • Advise on Tax Advantages & Implications of Securities-Backed Loans

  • Evaluating Loans Options & Structuring Debt With Our Partner Banks

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