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Forensic Accounting

What is Forensic Accounting? 

Forensic Accounting combines accounting expertise with investigative skills in order to uncover financial conflicts including fraud, dispute, embezzlement, and other controversial matters.

What are the advantages of Forensic Accounting?

Forensic Accounting delivers a thorough approach to resolving financially-related disputes, assisting with legal matters, divorce, uncovering fraud, and determining other unlawful matters that would otherwise go undetected. Additionally, it provides an unbiased analysis of a situation that could easily be abused and leave an innocent party harmed.

Who qualifies & why should you adopt?

The demand for Forensic Accounting typically arises after wrongdoing, or suspicion of wrongdoing occurs. Forensic Accounting is particularly useful in trial, or other formal proceedings used to investigate economic damages, bankruptcy, tax fraud, securities fraud, money laundering, and many other harmful acts. Forensic Accounting can also assist innocent parties that may have been wrongfully affected due to negligence.  

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