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No one’s especially excited to plan for what happens next when they’re no longer alive. Filing a will only covers some of the basics, like identifying what your heirs are and how to divide your assets. But it only provides a rough outline of who gets what. That’s why you need an estate plan.

Estate plans are more inclusive than a will — a will is just one part of your overall estate plan. It details the distribution of your assets in a timely, cost-efficient way. It even addresses what should happen if you become sick or disabled, like designating an heir or guardian. Estate plans also account for additional taxes or court costs that may be part of your estate in order to minimize their impact on your beneficiaries.

If you haven’t thought about an estate plan yet, PeachCap can help.

We Offer Clients The Following Services:

  • Identifying Assets, Valuables, & Planning for How These Will Be Passed Along

  • Stating Instructions for Your Care, Should You Become Ill or Disabled

  • Recommending Strategies Designed to Reduce the Total Taxes & Fees a Family or Loved One May Incur Assistance as Assets are Divided

  • Potential Utilization of Trusts As a Way to Protect & Pass Assets to Beneficiaries

  • Examining Succession Planning for Business Owners, Should They Become Ill, Disabled, or Deceased 

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