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Have you recently purchased, constructed, or renovated a property? Our cost segregation services can help you identify and reclassify personal property assets to shorten the depreciation time and reduce your current tax obligations.

Cost Segregation is a strategic tool designed to allow both businesses and individuals to accelerate fixed asset depreciation, increase cash flow, and reduce taxes. Practiced as a “Study”, Cost Segregation identifies a company’s fixed assets and determines which if any, can accelerate depreciation. The end goal of a cost segregation study is to increase current cash inflows and decrease current tax liabilities.

By reducing the tax lives of certain assets, today’s depreciation expense rises and today’s tax liability falls. Although this impact is temporary it allows businesses to reduce their budget for taxes, thereby allocating excess cash flow earned from tax savings to other, more beneficial uses.

Businesses and individuals who own and use structures for business or rental purposes can benefit from Cost Segregation. While the best time to conduct a Study is during the year in which a building is constructed, the actual timing of cost segregation is flexible. Additionally, the IRS will allow owners to retroactively conduct a Study to identify prior year assets as eligible property.

Let PeachCap’s team of accounting specialists increase your near-term cash flow and accelerate your return on capital from your property investment with a cost segregation study.

Our Cost Segregation Services Include:

  • Evaluate the Property's Construction Costs By Component

  • Use the IRS Guidelines to Classify or Reclassify Each Building Component

  • Provide a Detailed Written Study by our Team of Accounting Specialists & Manage the Updated Tax Filings

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