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Charitable giving is on the rise. Whether it’s to a local charity or a favorite nonprofit, giving back is a great way to support your community or social cause. In fact, between 70 and 90 percent of all U.S. households donate to charity in a given year.


Additionally, your charitable donations may reduce your income, capital gains, and estate taxes.

If you plan on donating, talk to the team at PeachCap. We can help you plan out the year ahead based on the amount and type of donations you are considering.


Lowering your tax bill can be as easy as giving back throughout the year. It’s better to give than receive after all.

When it comes to charitable contributions, we can:

  • Organize All of Your Charitable Contributions Throughout the Year

  • Identify What Qualifies for Claiming a Deduction

  • Advise on Unique Charitable Deduction Opportunities Designed to Reduce Income or Capital Gains Tax

  • Provide Guidance on Repositioning Assets to Potentially Reduce Estate Tax

  • Fill Out Schedule A of Form 1040

  • Calculate Estimated Tax Savings Generated by Charitable Deductions

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