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Bringing the Institutional Experience to Main Street

Pêssego Analytics is your single source for research, investment guidance, and asset management. Our experienced in-house team of research analysts monitor domestic and international securities, market indexes, industries, governments, and economies. Leveraging Pêssego allows you to capitalize on a full range of investment opportunities, including Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs), Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF’s), Private Equity Managers, Fixed Income, and Custom Real Estate Offerings.


Designated professionals provide personalized support for you and your clients. This contact has a direct line of communication with our traders, analysts, Investment Policy Committee, Private Equity Operators, and Direct Real Estate Operators to ensure your client portfolios are driven by real time market data and trends in both public and private markets.

Our Story

PeachCap believes in providing an experienced, in-house team of Equity Research Analysts and Traders who monitor domestic and international markets, securities, governments, industries and economies. Based on our research, you can capitalize on a full range of investment opportunities including our own proprietary Options-Based equity strategies (actively managed and ETF model allocations), Actively Managed Fixed Income models, and High Quality Small Cap strategies, all within the framework of SMAs. To round out the full range of unique investment opportunities which may be included in your portfolio design, we also offer alternative investment opportunities, such as private equity and customized real estate offerings.

Ideation and Analysis

The Pêssego Analytics team start with investment opportunity ideas, and performs analyses by screening for ideas based on valuation and growth outlooks, creating comprehensive bottom-up models, and developing scenario-based stress tests.

Investment Process & Risk Management

Pêssego attempts to leverage a fairly repeatable process to ensure investments are vetted and portfolio risk is actively managed. The process combines pre-investment and post-investment risk evaluation measures to reduce risk while maximizing investment returns. These practices underline careful attention to Risk Management which reflects the personalization and attention we give to every client relationship at PeachCap.

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The standards for investment thesis verification and future intrinsic value hurdles are strict, with fewer than 10% of analyzed equities actually invested in.

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Firm Level
• Senior management leadership and oversight committee with segregated functions and clearly outlined policies and procedures
• A risk management culture across all areas with investment restrictions and guidelines that address Firm-level exposures

Company Level
• Value each stock or bond based on our projection of the future intrinsic value and continuous fundamental research
• Focus on companies and bonds with a unique value proposition, attractively priced, and appear to have positive future catalysts

Portfolio Level
• Monitor portfolio volatility using Value at Risk & Std. Deviation
• Portfolio liquidity, frequent stress testing, and no use of leverage
• Monitor risk-adjusted exposure/return, and volatility surface stress testing
• Risk-based performance attribution and strong sell discipline

Risk Management Measures

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