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You’ve heard the advice over and over again: diversify your portfolio. But you only have traditional investments like bonds, stocks, and real estate available to you. It’s tough to get in on alternative investment opportunities because their access has been limited over time.

PeachCap works with you to identify new investment opportunities that you’d probably never be aware of otherwise. We’re unlike traditional wealth management firms in this sense. Our alternative investments include real estate projects and private equity deals, among others.

Often times, private equity funds aren’t traded, which can work to your advantage. Our team at PeachCap identifies companies seeking funding for operational improvements and restructuring, which tend to be investments that need to be held for a longer period of time.  

Get a look at our alternative investments to learn how our team can help you branch out from traditional investments.

With Our Services, We Provide Access To:

  • Identify Unique, Lowly Correlated, & Investment Opportunities That Fit in Your Portfolio

  • Private Equity & Debt Deals

  • Structure Non-Traded Real Estate Offerings

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