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Donor Advised Funds

What are Donor-Advised Funds?

Donor-Advised Funds are charitable giving vehicles, sponsored by public charities, that are established to manage charitable donations on behalf of organizations, individuals, and/or families. Participants in Donor-Advised Funds will open an account with the fund and then deposit (donate) cash, securities, or other financial instruments. Upon donation, participants forfeit all ownership privileges but retain control over how the account is invested and how the funds are distributed.  

What are the advantages of Donor-Advised Funds?

There are many non-financial benefits offer Donor-Advised Funds. Some of these include: being able to give larger and more impactful amounts at once, while potentially reducing the donor’s tax liability.

Who qualifies & why should you adopt?

Donor Advised Funds have no restrictions on participation. As opposed to creating a private foundation, Donor-Advised Funds provide a more flexible way to pass money to charities, create administrative convenience, reduce administrative costs, and provide various tax advantages.  

This is not an offer to buy or sell any securities or perform a specific strategy. Please consult your financial advisor before exploring these opportunities. 

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